Dell Renames Storage Forum Event To Emphasize Diverse Solutions

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Paul Clifford, president of Davenport Group, a St. Paul, Minn.-based solution provider and partner of Compellent from when that company was formed, called the name change to Dell Enterprise Forum a good choice for Dell.

"In the past, the event was storage-centric, which was good," Clifford said. "But Dell now has a strong enterprise focus. And, the enterprise is centered on storage."

The fact that the name change is happening even as Dell tries to change its image from being a PC company makes sense, Clifford said.

"The client business is an important part of Dell," he said. "Going private gives Dell a chance to focus on both the client and the enterprise business, and that's good for everyone."

Clifford said he is looking forward to hearing more about enterprise-wide solutions at this year's Dell Enterprise Forum, which is slated to be held from June 3 to June 6 in San Jose, Calif.

"The word is, the forum will focus on solutions such as Quest Software or Force10 networking with servers, and how together the enterprise can be a more powerful story," he said.


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