Fusion-io Buys ID7 In Software-Defined Storage Play

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"You get to use open, off-the-shelf servers with no need to pay the massive premiums for closed, proprietary storage systems," Flynn said. "That's a threat to companies like EMC. They're talking software-defined storage, but still trying to push their own proprietary storage. They were talking about VMAX as software-defined storage. That's like a mainframe vendor saying it's a PC company."

Fusion-io could have continued partnering with ID7 instead of acquiring it, Flynn said. However, the company decided it would be better to bring the ID7 engineers into Fusion-io.

"The SCST stack will continue to be an open-source project," he said. "Our ethos is around open systems, and open source is a part of it. This is a recognition that the way the cloud is developing will not support closed, proprietary systems."


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