MSPs Cheer As Google Pools Free Cloud Storage

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Larry Velez, CTO and founder of Sinu, a New York-based MSP, said that any time companies such as Google and Dropbox talk about cloud services, it's good news for all providers.

"These companies have done a great job of getting people to understand the services business," Velez said. "As a company, we can never outspend Microsoft or Google. We have to make sure our value proposition is the same, but focus on businesses and how to make their users more productive."

This is especially true given the massive shifts going on in small businesses, which are more likely then ever to pass on any in-house hardware, Velez said.

"There's a new generation of executives who are very comfortable with the cloud," he said. "Their innermost secrets were stored on Gmail when they were in high school and college. We're surprised how much they embrace it. They're even ready for printing from the cloud, or doing CAD, even though there's no really effective way to do it."


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