Egnyte Adds Enterprise File Sync And Share To Google Drive

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"Egnyte lets Google documents be saved so they can be accessed from mapped drives," he said. "Dropbox, which does not have a local server capability, lets documents be synchronized to a cloud. But if a document has a terabyte of data, it's hard to sync. With Egnyte, customers can sync between a local server and the cloud, making the files easier to access."

Chiappetta said this makes Egnyte a viable alternative to Microsoft Small Business Server. For instance, he said, for disaster recovery with Small Business Server, customers need to add email security, a backup server, disaster recovery technology and something to move the data off-site. Recovering that data requires a VPN, but most small businesses have slow Internet connections, he said.

"But because the Google documents in the cloud are synched with local files using Egnyte, they can be hit faster when needed," he said. "This takes care of disaster recovery because the files are always backed up to the cloud."

Egnyte is helping customers navigate all the hype around the cloud, Jain said.

"The cloud is not a panacea," he said. "Hybrid physical and cloud infrastructures are the future. We let customers treat Google documents in the cloud as if they were Microsoft Office files."



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