SolidFire Gets $31M Investment Led By Samsung, Unveils All-Flash Storage Array

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The fact that the SolidFire arrays scale up on-the-fly both in terms of capacity and performance separately makes it possible to provide those SLAs, ViaWest's Wallace said.

And, since the SF3010 and SF6010 are priced nearly the same on a per-GB basis, he said ViaWest prefers to purchase the smaller models in order to have the extra performance included with each node available for customer use, he said.

"With SolidFire, customers get SSD performance," he said. "But we can also scale up and down the IOPs. And we can provide an SLA because we can offer customers the IOPs they need without worrying about noisy neighbors."

The new SF9010 all-SSD nodes allow customers to build storage architectures of up to 100 nodes with a total capacity of 3.4 petabytes and 7.5 million IOPs. However, SolidFire's Prassl said, no one has ever built out that large an architecture, and that 30 nodes to 40 nodes is the typical max.

The SF 9010, with its maximum capacity of 10 drives, each of which is a 960-GB SSD, provides the capacity and performance needed for cloud services, Prassl said.

"Cloud infrastructures are getting more efficient," he said. "For a 40-TB data set, it may be easier and lower in cost terms to deploy in a shared cloud environment. We are focused on cloud providers and cloud service providers, and on those building large scale private clouds."


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