Pure Storage Gets $150M Funding, Talks Big Plans For All-Flash Storage Arrays

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Pure Storage's Hatfield dismissed the company's competitors, including the large storage vendors, which in the past have claimed that startups in the flash storage market suffer from a lack of a complete software stack to go with their new hardware.

Hatfield said many of the competitors have copied the Pure Storage model of building all-flash storage arrays with a combination of software and commodity flash components. However, he said, his company's software has had more time to mature than the startups, while legacy vendors have either not yet started selling all-flash storage arrays or have tried to build their products on a foundation designed for hard disk storage.

He also said that hybrid SSD-hard disk storage arrays are good for many applications, and that SATA hard drives will always be lower in cost than the equivalent capacity in flash.

However, he said, once companies see how the performance of all-flash storage impacts their operations, it can be hard to go back to other technologies.

"It's like having flash in your MacBook Air," he said. "Once you get accustomed to the speed, it's hard to go back."


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