Oracle Cloud Gets New Compute, Storage, Database Services

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However, Kellough said, moving sensitive data to the cloud is still not the right choice for most enterprises.

"So if a company wants to maintain control, but for dev-test wants to provision Oracle 12C services, the Oracle Cloud is perfect," he said. They can then move their services back to their own infrastructure for production."

Kellough said that Oracle already has put in place mechanisms to compensate partners who resell the Oracle Cloud to customers or who refer them as potential leads to Oracle. "However, this is still new," he said. "Oracle has not evangelized this to the partner community."

Thomas LaRocca, senior vice president of North America alliances and channels at Oracle, told CRN that Oracle providing referral and resale opportunities to solution providers will be a boon to partners.

"As I look at the market, I think we have the best go-to-channel opportunity of anyone," LaRocca said.

Less than 50 percent of Oracle's channel partners have the competencies needed to resell the Oracle Cloud, but all the company's partners can refer customers to Oracle, LaRocca said.

"They can see an opportunity, call their Oracle rep, and say, 'Here's Customer A, he has an opportunity, I can't resell it, but here they are,' " he said.

For those with the ability to resell Oracle Cloud, Oracle will provide the training needed to gain the proper competencies, LaRocca said.

In fact, partners will be forced by their customers to get the training and competencies needed to work with the cloud, he said. "If not, they will lose account control," he said. "And if they lose control, they lose money. Partners will have to place their bets, not only on the right solution, but on who to partner with. Otherwise, in six to 12 months from now, they will lose account control."

Joel Borellis, group vice president of worldwide alliances and channels at Oracle, said Oracle's cloud business is broken down into three areas: applications, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The application side of the cloud was introduced last year, with Oracle giving partners the opportunity to resell or refer the services, Borellis said. With Tuesday's introduction of new PaaS and IaaS components to the Oracle Cloud, Oracle is using the same pattern.

Jeff Barteld, senior director of global channel strategy and operations for worldwide alliances and channels at Oracle, said Oracle is treating how sales go through the channel the same as if they go direct.

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