Violin Memory Post-IPO Fall Caused By Bad Timing, Fast-Maturing Flash Storage Market: VARs

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Furthermore, while flash storage vendors are all trying hard to differentiate themselves, customers are not doing a lot of the necessary testing or are holding bake-offs between vendors to find out which vendor is best for their particular needs, Nth Generation's Baldwin said.

"No single vendor out there is a 'Nirvana" that can solve all a customer's problems," he said. "And the demise of [cloud storage provider] Nirvanix reminds customers that they have to be careful with newer vendors."

Brad Maltz of the office of the CTO at Lumenate, a Dallas-based solution provider, said the flash storage market is very quickly becoming a commodity market.

"Even though the flash vendors are doing different things, their goal is to deliver as many IOs as possible," Maltz said. "The problem is, not everyone is innovating at the same pace."

For a company like Violin Memory, an IPO is a necessary evil due to the fact that all the major storage companies have acquired flash vendors, Maltz said.

"Violin needed to establish its value, and so needed the IPO," he said.

Violin Memory executives declined to comment on this story.

PUBLISHED Oct. 4, 2013

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