DataCore SANsymphony-V Storage App Adds Scalability, Performance

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Also new with DataCore SANsymphony-V is the ability to offload many storage functions from the server host, DataCore's Gonzalez said.

This allows use of the ODX (offloaded data transfer) capability, which in advanced storage arrays allows many storage features to be processed on the array rather than in the server to free the server processor for other tasks, to be done using low-cost arrays that do not have ODX capabilities, he said.

He cited the reclamation of unused storage capacity as an example.

"Imagine creating a big file containing photos, then deleting it," he said. "Often that becomes wasted space with nothing in it. With ODX, the host can tell the DataCore software to reclaim that space and make it available to use, and not remain stranded."

DataCore SANsymphony-V now also includes self-healing capabilities so that storage hardware that is failed or taken out of service is seen by the software and the data volumes on such hardware is migrated elsewhere in a non-disruptive fashion.

The software also now allows non-disruptive movement of virtual disks between different storage pools, change-control management and audit logs for error prevention, fast troubleshooting, and faster replication of data to improve disaster recovery, Gonzalez said.


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