Imation And Nexsan Say They're Stronger Together For Partners

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On the product side, Bill Schilling, director of product marketing, talked about the company's new NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster solution, which was unveiled in August. The NST6000MC provides a high-availability and disaster recovery solution with data replication and failover capability between sites up to 10 km apart.

The NST6000MC supports both flash-based and DRAM-based cache and can expand in capacity to 5 petabytes using the company's E-series arrays and expansion units, Schilling said.

The NST6000MC is based on the company's NST6000 unified storage array, which supportsSAN and NAS protocols, including iSCSI and Fibre Channel SANs.

Christian Waddell, senior account executive at Sudden Technologies, a Burnaby, British Columbia-based solution provider, just signed up with the vendor in September.

"We see customers jamming a NetApp Filer where they don't need all the NetApp performance and features because they may have no alternative," he said.

Waddell, whose company also partners with EMC and Hewlett-Packard, said customers do have performance requirements.

"But many don't need a Ferrari," he said. "They need something more like a Honda. Nexsan has stepped up to support them. But it's also nice to see Nexsan doing more on the performance front."

Karim Kanji, senior product manager at Open Storage Solutions, said he has always liked the Nexsan product scalability.

"Now we're seeing a new performance side from Nexsan, which is helping us open doors," Kanji said. "And now Nexsan is adding Fibre Channel connectivity. In the past, we had to walk away from deals because there was no Fibre Channel."


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