Zadara Beefs Up Technology, Partnerships For Enterprise Storage-As-A-Service

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While Capella has only recently signed with Zadara, that vendor's technology seems to fit well with the storage needs of a wide range of customers, Capella's Cassidy said.

"Zadara scales well from smaller to larger companies," he said. "It allows the sharing of resources between different parts of an organization."

For on-premise, private cloud solutions, the Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array can be deployed with no up-front investment, Zadara's Shendar said.

"Customers can sign a six-month trial contract, with zero up-front costs," he said. "We manage the appliance. Customers get storage-as-a-service, but it's secure and under their own control."

That arrangement makes it easy to deploy the Virtual Private Storage Array for any customer, Cassidy said.

"Customers can ask for any specific capacity, and we'll deploy it," he said. "Customers can bill the capacity back to specific departments. This is all done with no huge CapEx [capital expenditure] outlay. And from a management perspective, as the capacity is used, it grows automatically. Or if a business is seasonal and the capacity is no longer needed, it shrinks."

Cassidy called the Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array a good first step into the managed storage solution business.

"In traditional storage environments, when customers have shared storage or burstable applications, they can quickly run out of capacity," he said. "So while they may need, say, 50 TB today, but expect to need 100 TB later, they better buy 100 TB now. With Zadara, they can pay for 50 TBs now, and grow the capacity as it's needed."

Shendar said Zadara likes to think of itself as a storage-as-a-service-everywhere company.

"Public cloud?" he said. "We have it. Co-lo? Yes. On-premise for private clouds? We have it."


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