Acronis Revamps Channel Program, Turns To Partners For Key To Success

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In the nine months since he was promoted to lead channel programs for disaster recovery and backup solutions for vendor Acronis, David Junca has been working to revamp the company's channel program and realign it with partner wants and needs.

A big part of that plan means turning to partners themselves to find out what would help them grow their businesses through Acronis' products. To facilitate that, Acronis has launched a series of Partner Council events to bring in a handful of partners each quarter to discuss the future of the Acronis channel. The first of those events was held Wednesday night in Woburn, Mass., with three partners out of Acronis' more than 30,000 partners worldwide.

"Acronis has had a long history with channel partners. We have a business model leveraging this as our primary route to market," Junca said. "I think that it was important to take a step back and look at how consistent we were with driving relationships with them."

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The changing industry "disrupted" the Acronis channel programs, with indirect sales revenues in the U.S. dropping to between 45 and 50 percent of the region's total revenues, Junca said. That percentage compares to 70 to 80 percent of revenues driven by indirect sales in international markets.

Junca said that he hopes to raise channel revenues in the U.S. to 85 percent of total company revenues in the next two years. Junca said his mission for the Acronis channel program is threefold: to become a strategic part of partners' businesses, reinvent profits for the channel and help show partners how they can help Acronis accelerate business. To that end, the company's first-quarter goals are to implement new tools and operating procedures in alignment with that mission, Junca said.

Acronis has already seen positive steps toward that goal, Junca said. In the nine months since he was chosen to lead the channel programs for the U.S., Junca said that the company has registered more deals through its channel partners than in the previous 15 months.

"We were the same two years ago, but our strategy is to make investments a much, much bigger [part of the] picture," Junca said. "For us, 2014 is a series of firsts like [the Partner Council]. ... The excitement comes from the opportunity that we address."

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