Pure Storage Aims To Disrupt All-Flash Storage Maintenance Costs With 'Forever Flash' Program

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"We support nondisruptive upgrades, letting customers upgrade their flash array without interrupting data availability," she said. "So customers are always on the latest versions of the hardware and software."

Under the second option, Fresh Every Upgrade, whenever a customer either upgrades a controller or expands capacity with a new disk shelf, the maintenance clock is set to zero, which means eliminating the typical rise in maintenance over time as the array ages, Dauber said.

When customers know they can reduce maintenance costs, they win, Woodall said.

"It's Pure Storage saying we're not just disrupting the performance model with all-flash storage arrays, but also the financial model," he said. "It makes the refresh cycle simple."

It is still too early to see if Pure Storage's Forever Flash program will disrupt solution providers' maintenance streams, Woodall said.

"Most storage environments are growing, so they're always adding new capacity," he said. "So maintenance costs will grow with customers' increased footprint. But it will be on a case-by-case basis. So in a particular case, there may be less revenue from a customer. But it makes a happier customer, one who will buy more from me."



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