Tegile Intros First All-Flash Storage Array, Unveils New Hybrid

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The flexible flash and spinning disk storage configurability of the T3400 meets the varying requirements of a wide range of customers, Gottesman said.

Tegile has proven to be a good partner for Epic Machines, Gottesman said.

One of Tegile's value propositions is its broad protocol support, including support for NFS, Fibre Channel and iSCSI, as well as the ability to mix and match flash storage and spinning disk, he said.

He also likes how Tegile's in-line deduplication and compression decreases total storage capacity with little or no impact on performance.

Commins said Tegile's in-line dedupe and compression, which can be turned on or off on a volume-by-volume basis, can actually improve performance when turned on by using part of the capacity as a high-speed cache.

"Of our 500-plus customers, I think only one has turned dedupe off," he said. "It was an Oracle DBA [database administrator] who wanted to ensure maximum performance."

The Tegile T3800 and T3400 are currently available, and are sold bundled with the company's IntelliFlash flash optimization software and its data management suite, which includes snapshot, remote replication and VMware-aware tools.



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