Logicalis Adds Encrypted Flash Storage Option To Public Cloud

IBM FlashSystem V840

Logicalis Tuesday said it has added high-performance, encrypted solid-state storage as an option for users of the company's public cloud offering.

Logicalis, No. 26 on CRN's 2014 Solution Provider 500 list, is adding solid-state disk as an option to its complete suite of public cloud offerings based on IBM storage technology, said Steve Pelletier, cloud solution architect at the New York-based solution provider.

The addition of solid-state storage with encryption brings Logicalis' public cloud offering in line with customers' expectations as they consider working with the solution provider's cloud solution over that of larger public cloud vendors, Pelletier told CRN.

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"Encryption is included with our solid-state storage option," he said. "We found that our larger customers who need high-performance tiers have requirements for PCI or HIPAA compliance. Instead of laying an encryption layer on the storage, we've included it in the solution."

Logicalis' solid-state storage option is based on the IBM FlashSystem V840, Pelletier said. The V840 integrates the IBM model 840 FlashSystem array with IBM’s SAN Volume Controller data virtualization system with real-time compression.

"I may be biased, but the V840 is one of the highest-performing solid-state solutions out there," he said. "It provides the best bang for the buck."

The flash storage option is already available from Logicalis, which charges for it on a per-GB basis, Pelletier said.

Logicalis offers its own public cloud service in addition to partnering with larger cloud providers, Pelletier said.

"Having our own cloud helps ensure enterprise manageability and uptime," he said. "If a customer has specific requirements, we can offer them white-glove service. With larger public clouds, customers are treated like little fish in a big pond. With Logicalis, they are big fish in a small pond. Unless you are someone as big as Netflix, with Amazon you're just noise in the background."

Logicalis is not aiming to be the low-cost provider, Pelletier said. "We provide a high level of uptime, and a high level of service," he said. "If customers want low-cost, bulk-type services, we can help them work with others."