Condusiv's Latest Diskeeper Defrags At The Logical, Not Physical, Disk Layer

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Condusiv has added a new twist to its Diskeeper line of disk defragmentation software by tackling for the first time the question of how to defragment SAN storage.

While technology for defragmenting individual disk drives has been in use for years, Condusiv is the first to apply the concept to SAN storage with Diskeeper 15 Server, said Brian Morin, senior vice president of global marketing for the Burbank, Calif.-based vendor.

Diskeeper 15 Server was designed to go beyond the technology SAN providers offer to maintain storage performance, Morin told CRN.

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Fragmentation and SAN performance is addressed by the SAN vendors, but only at the physical layer, Morin said.

"But fragmentation of disks at the logical disk layer usually gets missed," he said. "The Windows operating system doesn't see the physical layer of the disk. That's the SAN's job. Windows addresses the disk at the logical layer. But logical disks are fragmented before the SAN can see them. So SAN performance degrades over time."

Even when a SAN does a good job of managing disks at the physical layer, Windows doesn't see data as a single file, but instead sees multiple logical reference points within a file, each with its own I/O characteristics, Morin said.

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