Carbonite Completes Sales Reorg Following EVault Acquisition: Mellinger Stays, Doggett Leaves

Carbonite has combined its traditional Carbonite and its EVault sales teams under the leadership of Paul Mellinger.

The sales team integration resulted in the departure of the company's original sales leader, Chris Doggett.

The sales leadership change stems from Carbonite's December 2015 acquisition of EVault from Seagate. Before that acquisition, Carbonite focused on the small business cloud-based data protection market. However, EVault added to Carbonite a channel-only, midsized business.

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Prior to the sales team integration, Doggett served as senior vice president of global sales for the Carbonite business, while Mellinger, who joined Carbonite with the acquisition of EVault, served as senior vice president of the EVault business.

Norman Guadagno, Carbonite's chief evangelist and senior vice president of marketing, told CRN that the company spent the bulk of last year integrating EVault's people and products, with the final stage being the integration of the two companies' sales teams.

With the integration, Mellinger is now the company's senior vice president of sales, while Doggett is no longer with the company, Guadagno said. He said he was unable to discuss Doggett's plans.

Doggett had not yet responded to a CRN request for further comment.

Mellinger brings a lot of experience to Carbonite, including many years at IBM, Guadagno said. Mellinger joined Carbonite about the time the company acquired EVault.

Doggett also joined Carbonite in December of 2015. Before that, he served as managing director and president for North America at Kaspersky. He also spent time at Sophos. Doggett was focused heavily on sales channels at both security companies.

Carbonite's two primary solution sets address different markets, Guadagno said. "EVault has a higher touch with customers, and had an extensive team of sales reps and sales engineers," he said. "Carbonite worked with different types of channel partners. Traditional Carbonite partners were smaller shops selling to smaller businesses. EVault was a more sophisticated solution."

With the sales team reorganization, Carbonite has also eliminated the EVault direct sales team it had in the past, and so now only part of the Carbonite business comes from direct web-based sales to individuals and smaller businesses, Guadagno said.

"We wanted a sales organization that scales from SOHO customers to an EVault, six-figure disaster recovery solution," he said.

Ed Tatsch, president of ETS Networks, an Arden, N.C.-based solution provider and long-time Carbonite partner, said he wishes Mellinger well and expects no changes after Doggett leaves.

Tatsch told CRN he likes how Carbonite has continued to bring to market a good backup solution with a strong channel focus.

"Carbonite has one of the best SQL backup solutions I've ever seen," he said. "We sell it to our clients, and use it ourselves in our office."

Carbonite has been very good to channel partners like ETS Networks, Tatsch said. "They never try to sneak in the back door and take over my customers," he said. "And they always support me."

Sarah Kuranda contributed to this article.