Nimble Storage Brings Flash-Based Data To The Cloud, Without Cloud Service Lock-In

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All-flash and hybrid flash storage vendor Nimble Storage on Monday unveiled a new storage-focused cloud service aimed at making it easy for customers to switch between multiple clouds.

Nimble Storage's new Nimble Cloud Volumes is an enterprise-grade block solution that allows businesses to use multiple clouds without getting locked into any of them, said Gavin Cohen, vice president of product and solutions marketing for the San Jose, Calif.-based vendor.

Nimble Cloud Volumes does not prevent cloud lock-in by not storing data on a public cloud, Cohen told CRN.

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Instead, data is stored on Nimble Storage's flash storage-based cloud and tied to Azure or Amazon Web Services, allowing applications on the public clouds to access the data quickly, Cohen said.

"We don't use AWS or Azure to store the data," he said. "We've set up our own data centers in close proximity to Azure and AWS data centers. But we offer a lower latency than available through the public cloud services."

Nimble Cloud Volumes also offers enterprise-grade durability because the Nimble clouds are based on the company's storage technology, Cohen said.

"Azure and AWS have the same failure rate as traditional hard disk drives, which is not acceptable," he said. "We offer the same data protection capabilities, including snapshots and copy data management."

Nimble Cloud Volumes includes the company's new Predictive Cloud Platform, previously known as the Predictive Flash Platform, Cohen said. This is based on Nimble Storage's InfoSight predictive analytics technology and its Multicloud Flash Fabric which allows data to be migrated across any combination of all-flash and hybrid flash storage across private and public clouds, he said.

Nimble Cloud Volumes is a natural evolution of storage in the cloud, and is in line with where the storage market, in general, is moving, said John Q. Bristol, vice president of architectural engineering at Trace3, an Irvine, Calif.-based solution provider and Nimble Storage channel partner.

"It's very much in-line directionally with where we see manufacturers going in terms of services in the cloud," Bristol told CRN. "It's a game changer and something that will provide a lot of growth opportunity for channel partners."

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