Reduxio Unifies Management And Data Protection Across Primary, Secondary Storage

Data management and protection technology developer Reduxio on Thursday unveiled the latest version of its software targeted at integrated management of both primary and secondary storage.

That software, Reduxio V3.0, is aimed at simplifying customers storage infrastructures by unifying both primary and secondary storage in a single architecture, said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing and strategy officer for the San Francisco-based company.

Such a move will take out much of the complexity related to managing and protecting data, Grandinetti told CRN.

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"We're now at a point where more data was produced in the last 18 months than in all of prior history before that," he said. "So we're bringing out a unified storage platform that significantly simplifies storage, ad eliminates a lot of redundancy in management."

Grandinetti said, "unified management" in the Reduxio sense does not refer to SAN and NAS, but primary and secondary storage.

Customers today may be deploying up to eight different systems to protect data to provide such services as backups, synchronous replication, recovery, mirroring, cloning, and copy data management, Grandinetti said.

"We're bringing these together with a single system and a single user interface with iPhone-like simplicity," he said.

Reduxio V3.0 is available as an appliance which includes hardware from Seagate, which is an investor in Reduxio, Grandinetti said. It brings two new critical capabilities to partners and customers, he said.

The first is built-in copy data management which replaces the need for dedicated backup appliances like Dell EMC's Data Domain or NetApp's AltaVault, he said.

"VARs find the price-performance management of a stand-alone solution doesn't make economic sense," he said. "We make the solution a part of the appliance."

The second is the new NoRestore capability which provides near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO), Grandinetti said.

A disaster recovery solution can move 100s of terabytes of data from one data center to another, which can take days, he said. "With Reduxio, we use metadata so that even as data is in transit, it can be used," he said. This keeps the applications up and available."

Reduxio is just about the best vendor in the market in terms of features and functionality, said Francis Leong, co-owner of Network Consulting Services (NCS), a San Jose, Calif.-based solution provider and channel partner of Reduxio.

"It's hard to find a product where you can say, 'My user lost a file a half-hour ago but is already using it,'" Leong told CRN. "That one feature has already saved many customers' butts."

When Reduxio talks about recovering data, it's not talking about data from a day later or a week later," Leong said. "It's about recovering data before an infection started. With other vendors, you can go back an hour or a day. But with Reduxio, you can have snapshots up to once a second."

Reduxio V3.0 easily replicates data remotely to one location, then restores to a secondary location, Leong said. It also makes it easy to migrate data to a new platform, with virtual machines based on the data being migrated available for use during the migration, he said.

"I work with many small law firms, dental offices, engineering firms, and other small businesses," he said. "Reduxio works well with my smaller business customers."

Luanne Tierney, managing member at Fivesky, a New York-based solution provider and Reduxio channel partner, said customers like how Reduxio V3.0 provides flexible access to up-to-date versions of data, and about the flexibility to use the software with any vendor's hardware.

"Everybody wants simplicity," Tierney told CRN. "But everything is so complex. We work with a law enforcement agency who had Reduxio and was hit by WannaCry, but was able to get back into operation right away to the point just before the ransomware attack."

Today, it's not enough to be just a storage company, Tierney said. "Today, everyone's a security company," she said. "Reduxio is a storage company, but is able to provide recovery to the point just before an attack, and do so quickly."

Reduxio sales all come from indirect channel partners, Grandinetti said. The company is recruiting channel partners who are used to working with innovative technologies, he said.