Commvault Intros GDPR Analytics, Endpoint Backup-As-A-Service And A New Google Cloud Partnership

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Commvault is also introducing endpoint backup-as-a-service. The company has always provided endpoint backups, but only using on-premises infrastructures. "Demand for data protection for mobile devices is growing, and cloud-based backups have been a gap in our offerings," Commvault's spokesperson said. "But there's a high demand for cloud-based data protection for any devices on the edge, including laptops, iPads, Surfaces, mobile phones, and more."

Stand-alone endpoint data protection in itself is not a big deal, Dekhayser said. "But when you combine it with all the other data that needs to be protected, it becomes important," he said. "Endpoint data protection is not something companies want to manage. They want a company like Commvault to manage it with the same love and care it does with all data."

Also new from Commvault this week is a new partnership with Google Cloud as part of Commvault's multi-cloud strategy. Commvault said it can ensure all levels of service, from cold storage to production data, work on Google. The company said it already works with Azure, Amazon Web Services, Oracle and many other cloud services.

"Google Cloud has some Amazon-like capabilities and some Azure-like capabilities," Dekhayser said. "Commvault can extract the data protection features and make them the same no matter which cloud the client wants to go to. Commvault gives customers the option to go to their cloud of choice, and gives them an exit strategy if they want to leave."


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