Nutanix Enhances Its Enterprise Cloud OS With Public, Private Cloud Capabilities

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Nutanix also introduced Nutanix App Marketplace services as part of Nutanix Calm, the company’s multi-cloud application automation and orchestration offering first introduced in June.

Nutanix App Marketplace lets new and existing applications be defined via standards-based blueprints and then published to a marketplace to provide self-service access to those applications, Smith said. "Customers can define all the elements of their apps in a blueprint with all the virtual machines, scripts, and so on," he said.

Nutanix is also providing pre-integrated and validated blueprints to help partners and customers adopt common infrastructure and developer tools including Kubernetes, Hadoop, MySQL, Jenkins and Puppet, Smith said.

Partners are getting ready, said Nigel Buttery, president of Slait Consulting, a Virginia Beach, Va.-based solution provider and Nutanix channel partner.

Slait Consulting has been talking with Nutanix about Calm since it was introduced and has found its services team already has the experience to handle the scripts needed to deploy and migrate applications using the technology, Buttery told CRN. "We see this as something our clients need," he said. "Everybody is talking about how to lower the cost of application deployments. If we can deliver applications via Calm, everybody benefits."

Slait Consulting has already delivered cloud-like capabilities using Nutanix technology, including the deployment of a 20,000-seat virtual desktop infrastructure for a large enterprise client, and looks forward to using the new flexible compute and object storage enhancements, Buttery said.

"The definition of 'cloud' is in the eye of the beholder," he said. "If you ask 10 people what is a private or hybrid cloud, you'll get 10 different answers. A 20,000-seat VDI deployment is a cloud. Nutanix let us provide dynamic deployment and a very scalable environment. The alternative would be a traditional converged infrastructure like a FlexPod or Vblock."

Nutanix is a 100 percent channel-focused company, and new capabilities like flexible compute, object storage and a cloud-like marketplace are open to all partners, Smith said.

"There's a healthy number of our channel partners asking for these additional capabilities," he said. We've already trained hundreds of partners on Nutanix Calm. And we're beginning to provide them with training and tools for the new Enterprise Cloud OS capabilities like we do with every major software release."

Nutanix has not yet disclosed availability and pricing of the new Enterprise Cloud OS enhancements.


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