Rubrik Launches New Data Management Platform For Multi-Cloud Applications

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Rubrik on Wednesday launched a new cloud-based application for managing protected data across multi-cloud infrastructures.

The application, Rubrik Polaris, is a SaaS platform that provides a system of APIs to allow Rubrik and third-party application developers add services on top of all the backup and archival data stored on Rubrik infrastructures, said Bipul Sinha, co-founder and CEO of the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company.

Customers are seriously looking at multi-cloud applications, Sinha told CRN.

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"Data today is getting fragmented," he said. "Data used to be in one data center, and not scattered across the world. Compliance and governance are becoming difficult. There needs to be a way to unify the data and make it easier to manage."

Rubrik Polaris provides a system of APIs to let developers write applications taking advantage of the data backed up on Rubrik infrastructures, Sinha said.

"Companies need compliance, governance, and security on all their data," he said. "Rubrik Polaris provides a single system or record for both structured and unstructured data. So, for instance, if a customer wants to see what data is PCI-compliant, it can run an app that tests all its backed-up data for compliance."

Rubrik Polaris is launching Wednesday, and the company is just starting discussions with third-party app developers, Sinha said. In the meantime, to get started, Rubrik within the next 60 days plans to release Polaris GPS, a global policy management application, and will follow with other applications and services, he said.

Providing API access to developers is a great way to take advantage of all the data customers have backed up using Rubrik, said Ned Engelke, chief technology officer at Evotek, a San Diego-based solution provider and early Rubrik channel partner.

"We've gone to all the work of ingesting data into the Rubrik environment," Engelke told CRN. "Rubrik Polaris can span on-premises, mobile data, and the cloud. Customers have blocks of data everywhere, and want to use that data to do things like spin up data in Amazon Web Services."

Rubrik has over the last couple years been chipping away at data management issues, and with Rubrik Polaris has a product that brings everything together, Engelke said.

"Customers are suffering from data growth at high-speed from multiple sources," he said. "They want to know they have adequate protection and governance across everything in production. Rubrik Polaris is targeting this. This is important: The more fragmented the data, the harder it is to control."

Polaris GPS is a good place to start in terms of applications to take advantage of Rubrik Polaris, Engelke said. "For the next application, I'd like to see something that detects anomalous behavior in the data," he said. "Maybe some data is normally accessed 10 times a day, but now all of a sudden is accessed 1,000 times on a day. That could be a virus. Customers need applications to see that."

Sinha said Rubrik Polaris is the first platform of its kind. "No one in the industry has taken this approach," he said. "As we come out, we expect others to jump into this space. This is a big deal to us."

Rubrik Polaris is the company's way to differentiate itself from the multitude of data protection vendors in the market, Sinha said. "Our ambition is to build the next 30-year to 40-year company," he said.


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