HPE Storage GM Shetti: Store More Guarantee Is Out Of Gate Fast, Early Sales Of New Nimble Arrays Have Exceeded Expectations

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Division General Manager Milan Shetti says the company's  iron-clad Store More storage efficiency guarantee is already having a big impact on Nimble sales with a sellout of its new all flash storage arrays within the first two days of the product launch.

"We sold out in our first week of sales so we have now asked our supply chain to increase the inventory for the rest of the quarter and the fiscal year," said Shetti in an interview with CRN. "The Store More guarantee is working even in its first week."

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The Store More guarantee, which covers all new HPE Nimble all flash storage models, assures customers they will be able to "store more data per raw terabyte" of flash storage than any other competing all flash array.

HPE is promising to provide "incremental storage for free" if it is not able to meet the "storage efficiency" of an all flash competitor. The Store More guarantee was just unveiled seven days ago.

Shetti says he was "surprised" by just how rapidly the Store More storage efficiency guarantee is taking hold in the channel. He said the guarantee is providing unmatched "peace of mind" for customers who are demanding ever-more storage capacity.

The Store More guarantee has "simplified" the complex storage buying decision in a market where customers frequently engage in exhaustive head to head proof of concept comparisons, said partners. They said the Store More guarantee is drastically reducing the sales cycle.

The Store More guarantee comes with the new HPE Nimble arrays delivering what the company is calling 220 percent better price performance that the previous all flash arrays along with 65 percent faster performance.

The entry level all flash array starts at six Terabytes of raw capacity scaling up to a high end model with four petabytes of storage capacity at less than one millisecond latency.

The new Nimble all flash arrays also support Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe (Non Volatile Memory express protocol for faser performance).

Brandon Madsen, vice president of sales at VLCM, one of HPE's top enterprise partners, No. 223 on the CRN SP500, said the Store More guarantee is a game changer that is already paying off in increased sales pipeline.

"HPE is putting its money where its mouth is with this storage guarantee," said Madsen. "Right now storage companies are throwing out a lot of numbers that can put you in the weeds. Now we actually have got a guarantee that backs up once and for all the HPE Nimble storage claims."

VLCM, Utah's largest solution provider, recently completed the largest quarter in HPE storage sales in the last several years, said Madsen. He said the company expects to double its HPE storage  business this year. "HPE Nimble is obviously having a big impact on our business," he said.

VLCM recently held a CIO retreat where HPE's Nimble InfoSight predictive analytics software received raves from a customer that has seen first hand InfoSight's ability to proactively resolve storage issues. "The all flash market is very crowded and InfoSight is a real differentiator for HPE," said Madsen. 

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