Intradyn To Give RocketVault A Boost

Intradyn is integrating the Exchange and SQL backup capabilities of Back Again software, which the company acquired from Computer Data Strategies in March, to offer a complete appliance for businesses with one to 500 users, said Gary Doan, CEO of the St. Paul, Minn.-based vendor.

The software allows data from Exchange and SQL to be backed up to the RocketVault appliance for moving off-site over the Internet, said Doan. Copying of the data off-site can be done on a continuous basis, or incremental changes to a data set can be moved at set times. The entire data set can also be backed up offline, he said.

The software also allows the restoration of the entire e-mail store, a single mailbox or a single message, said Doan.

Also new with RocketVault is the HotStart wizard, which allows the appliance to be installed in just a few minutes, Doan said. "Plug it in, point a browser at it, and answer a few questions," he said. "Click, next, click, next."

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Intradyn has 80 solution providers in the United States, nearly double the number of two months ago, said Doan.

The company plans to sign a distributor early next year and is continuing to recruit solution providers that serve small businesses, he said. "We're not just looking for storage resellers," he said. "We want those also doing managed services that might sell the RocketVault through other resellers and then manage the off-site backups."