IGS Recruiting Regional Systems Integrators

According to sources familiar with the effort, IGS has begun pilot programs in Europe and the United States to find regional systems integrators focused on the midsize market. As part of those pilots, systems integrators will be able to tap into IBM market support, the sales forces of both IGS and Business Consulting Services (BCS) and, in some cases, receive advice from IGS professionals on tackling specific industry niches.

"IGS thinks it can provide some valuable services to midsize companies, but knows it has to go through regional systems integrators -- which know those businesses and the kinds of IT services that will work best for them -- for this to work," said one source close to IBM. "They think this can be good for IGS and good for local systems integrators."

According to sources, IGS is looking for partners that glean most of their business from midsize customers. Such regional integrators should also have a strong specialties in, say, SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle software as well as emerging opportunities, such as wireless and digital media.

"One of the biggest benefits is I get to carry around the IBM logo," said one integrator in the Midwest region, who asked not to be named. "Plus, we're already using the BCS and IGS sales forces, and they can use ours."

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