Data Protection/Disaster Recovery

  • Sailing The Stormy Storage Seas
    James Addlesberger runs NavigateStorage, a small storage integration firm that specializes in backup and recovery. With just a handful of people working for him, mostly on a contract basis, he is hoping to pull in a record $1.5 million in revenue this year. For Addlesberger, who is attending CMP Media's XChange '04 conference here this week, running a small business has its pros and cons.
  • GE Access To Partner With McData, F5 Networks
    GE Access plans to introduce McData and F5 Networks as vendor partners at the Westminster, Colo.-based distributor's annual New Frontiers Conference for solution providers next week.
  • Nth Generation Keeps Customers Interested
    Nth Generation Computing CEO Rich Baldwin sure knows how to throw a party. At the solution provider's end-user event Wednesday, staff gave out $100 bills to keep folks in the breakout sessions, and speaker Steve Sicola of Seagate provided some laughs.
  • DTI Data, Stellar Excel In Data Recovery
    Being able to recover lost data is crucial for businesses of any size. The average end user may believe that data recovery is easy and uncomplicated, but in reality it's time-consuming and very difficult to achieve. If not performed precisely and in a timely fashion, the results could make a bad situation even worse.
  • Arrow To Bring Compliance, Marketing Services To Storage VARs
    Compliance and regulatory issues and how they affect solution providers were the main topic as Arrow Enterprise Storage Solutions this week rolled out its first solution provider advisory council as part of its first-ever solution provider summit.
  • Judge Puts IBM Lawsuits On Hold
    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) -- More than 40 lawsuits against IBM Corp. are on hold after a judge ordered the parties to try settling the disputes.
  • Test Center Review: Acronis A Useful Backup Utility For Windows Servers
    Backing up Microsoft Windows-based servers and workstations has always been a challenge, often requiring that the systems not be used for hours during the backup process. San Francisco-based Acronis aims to ease those backup woes with True Image Server V7, a $499 drive imaging tool designed for active servers and workstations.
  • Review: Exabyte’s New Autoloader Eases SMB Backup
    Backing up data to tape has been both a blessing and a curse for small and midsize businesses. The data stored on those tapes often becomes a life-saver during crises, yet the administrative overhead of performing tape backups often drives people to ignore the task. After all, someone has to change tapes, verify backups and maintain the system.
  • Taking Care Of Business
    A summer of disasters, from the Blaster worm to the massive Aug. 14 blackout to this month's Hurricane Isabel, has highlighted the need for effective business-continuity and disaster-planning strategies. For solution providers, the message was even more clear: Provide a better business-continuity solution, and the world will beat a path to your door.
  • NYBOT: There’s No Place Like Home
    On the morning after the deadly terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) was ready to resume operations at its backup facility in nearby Long Island City. Of course, that rapid recovery was somewhat of a moot point because the markets remained closed for nearly a week. Nevertheless, not a stitch of data was lost. In fact, NYBOT's disaster-recovery plan was so well-executed that it is among a handful of case studies used by contingency-planning experts when speaking about the need for a full data-recovery and business-continuity plan.