Data Protection/Disaster Recovery

  • Looking On the Bright Side
    Solution providers expect sales of business-continuity services to soar following the largest power outage in modern history, one that affected over 50 million people and countless businesses in almost a dozen North American states.
  • PowerQuest V2i Protector Takes Backup To The Next Level
    Data protection and backup are critical to the proper management of both network servers and desktop PCs. PowerQuest provides a new level of backup technology with its V2i Protector 2.0, a drive-imaging product available in both Server and Desktop editions.
  • Exabyte Launches New Channel Program
    Exabyte plans Wednesday to launch a three-tiered reseller program to support solution providers willing to sell its VXA-2 tape-backup products.
  • Disaster Recovery: Preparing For the Worst
    Ask CIOs what their key IT spending priorities are these days and you'll be hard-pressed to find one who doesn't have cybersecurity at or near the top of the list,and with good reason. A major cyberattack that will cripple the nation's critical infrastructure is "highly likely" at any time, and a certainty within the next 24 months, according to former presidential adviser for cybersecurity Richard Clarke. That threat has existed for some time but, naturally, is exacerbated by those seeking revenge for the war in Iraq.
  • Namo Offer Rich Features At Lower Cost
    The new Namo Interactive WebEditor 5.5's low price and feature-rich editing environment outperforms many more expensive editors including Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe GoLive. Overall, its extensive support for server-side scripts and database connectivity surpasses Microsoft's FrontPage 2002 and most other HTML editors in the market. For database development, solution providers will find this tool surprisingly more capable than Macromedia Dreamweaver and NetObjects Fusion.
  • Symantec's New Security Products Confound
    The biggest challenge for VARs in selling Symantec solutions is figuring out exactly what the capabilities of the products are, and how the various antivirus and security solutions compare. Let's look at two examples, antivirus software and security-appliance hardware sold by the company.
  • Forsythe Takes On Risk Management
    Forsythe Solutions Group has started an IT risk management practice based on high-availability solutions, security and disaster recovery, and business continuity services, and is looking to work with other solution providers.
  • Digex Debuts Continuity Services
    Digex introduced a business continuity service that covers assessment up through site failover to one of Digex's data centers.
  • Diaster Recovery Seeing Resurgence
    Here's a recipe for disaster: Stephen Allen, president of New York-based SMB solution provider Integrated Technology Systems, said he figures that 80 percent of backup tapes are stored within 100 feet of a server.
  • Veritas Revs NetBackup
    Veritas Software today unveiled a major update of NetBackup that includes enhanced disaster-recovery and storage management capabilities.
  • CA Offers New Business Continuity Tool
    Computer Associates International released a new tool designed to create a business continuity solution with existing CA and third-party technologies within an enterprise, medium or small business.