HPE Primera Is Now A ‘Dynamic Action’ AI Machine

‘The dynamic action is what is really innovative,’ says HPE Director of Storage Marketing David Wang. ‘It is first in class in the industry. There is no other storage platform in the industry that can actually take action on analytics. Nobody else is going the final mile to act on (AI) intelligence for customers.’


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has beefed up the embedded InfoSight artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of its Primera system so it can take “dynamic action” to automatically resolve storage management issues.

Primera- which guarantees customers 100 percent uptime- is going beyond predictive analytics to take direct actions to dramatically improve storage management and performance for customers, said HPE Director of Storage Marketing David Wang.

“We are going from a self aware system with real time analytics to taking dynamic action,” Wang of the latest updates to InfoSight for Primera. “The dynamic action is what is really innovative. It is first in class in the industry. There is no other storage platform in the industry that can actually take action on analytics. Nobody else is going the final mile to act on (AI) intelligence for customers.”

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Primera is effectively taking the data analytics from InfoSight and “applying the brakes and accelerating for customers,” said Wang. “That acting on intelligence is really the key. It is not just embedding intelligence. It is being able to act on intelligence.”

The Primera updates are bringing new levels of “agility” for customers who now can spend less time managing and tuning mission critical storage infrastructure, said Wang. “This is about customers being able to stretch their storage platforms further especially in the world we are in today with IT budget pressures,” he said.

HPE Primera is providing a critical differentiator for HPE partners to become more “strategic” with customers even in the midst of increasing IT budget pressures, said Wang. “We are allowing partners to differentiate and help customers weather the storm,” he said.

Before the latest InfoSight Primera update, storage administrators would have to act on the AI based recommendations of the system, said HPE Vice President and General Manager of HPE Primera and Nimble Storage Omer Asad.

“It was up to the (storage) administrator whether they wanted to take action,” said Asad. “The real breakthrough here is to be able to embed these decision making capabilities and intelligence within Primera and then allowing Primera to be able to react to the changes and policies you have implemented on top of it.”

There are “old school” storage reporting tools from HPE competitors, but none have the actionable intelligence of HPE Primera, said Osad. “InfoSight not only tells you what the problem is but then suggests a solution and goes ahead and automatically implements that solution. That is only available in Primera.”

In fact, Osad said, Primera is taking dynamic actions to optimize ‘Tier 0’ mission critical applications directly within the system. “That is exactly what you need on a Tier 0 system,” he said.

Primera’s embedded AI intelligence is unique, said Osad. “The Primera engine is available on prem as well as in the cloud,” he said. “Primera acts on the embedded intelligence and implements it in real time.”

Primera’s ability to take action rather than just issue an “alert” is a huge competitive advantage for HPE, said Erik Krucker, CTO at Comport Consulting, an HPE Platinum partner, No. 314 on the CRN SP500.

“Customers want more than just alerts on an array problem,” he said. “Customers don’t want a nebulous problem being pointed out to them. They want action to prevent an outage.”

Krucker applauded HPE for its “autonomous” storage vision and progress. “HPE is showing leadership in the marketplace by deploying this type of feature,” he said.

InfoSight’s across the board analytics for storage, compute and networking is proving to be a dramatic competitive advantage over competitors, said Krucker.

“The ability to go across storage, server and networking give HPE a leg up in the marketplace,” he said. “Owning that entire stack is key for HPE. They have all that rich telemetry and data that they can analyze to make recommendations to customers with predictive information on failures and bottlenecks. HPE has a complete vision for what they are doing with InfoSight with analytical data across the entire IT spectrum.”

Primera’s “actionable intelligence” capabilities provides partners with more firepower to increase Primera sales, said Dan Molina, chief technology officer for Nth Generation, San Diego, one of HPE's top enterprise partners and No. 297 on the 2020 CRN SP500.

“This upgrade to actionable intelligence is an incredible boost especially in business critical environments,” said Molina. “The actionable intelligence provides timely responses. It means employees no longer have to be tied to managing those systems 24/7. Now we can rely on AI technology to provide that actionable intelligence.”

The Primera actionable intelligence is “another proof point that HPE is enhancing their ability to provide customers with AI that is superior than what the competition has,” Molina said. “HPE has had the advantage of developing InfoSight for many years. HPE started early with AI and has learned from the billions of (InfoSight) data points. HPE is definitely a leader in intelligent storage management.”