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The ‘Future Of Storage:’ HPE Unleashes GreenLake File, Block Storage With Alletra Storage MP

Steven Burke

HPE has launched what it’s calling “future of storage” with Alletra Storage MP, a new file storage offering and an expanded block storage service for its HPE GreenLake pay-per-use platform.

Hybrid Cloud Single-Pane-Of-Glass Storage Management

The HPE Alletra Storage MP architecture provides a “simplified, single-pane-of-glass data management experience which has extreme flexibility,” said Asad.

“You can manage it from anywhere because it is a complete cloud operational model; you never have to log into your devices,” he said.

“From a user perspective, the majority of our customers are moving to a cloud operational model,” Asad said. “The HPE GreenLake platform gives them a very, very simple pane of glass to manage across their architecture.”

The HPE Alletra Storage MP architecture supports intent-based AI provisioning, which automatically chooses the most efficient system based on the workload.

“It picks the right cluster, it picks the right node and then goes ahead and deploys your workload,” said Asad.

The HPE GreenLake platform provides software updates in a cloud delivery model. “Your upgrades are completely invisible,” said Asad. “Our proactive management system automatically recommends upgrades through the right cluster nodes and if allowed goes ahead and performs those upgrades.”

Steven Burke

Steve Burke has been reporting on the technology industry and sales channel for over 30 years. He is passionate about the role of partners using technology to solve business problems and has spoken at conferences on channel sales issues. He can be reached at

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