Product Preview: Dell's SC4000 Series

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Dell has expanded its storage offerings with the new SC4000 series, and Product Director Travis Vigil walked CRN through its SC4020 storage array.

The SC4020 offers enterprise-level hardware with 24 internal drives and four IP ports for management and replication. The more compact SC4020 is an all-in-one solution that delivers power while saving on space.

The SC4020 is the first product unveiled in the SC4000 series. ’What we’ve basically done with this product is take our product line, the SC8000, and right-sized it for smaller deployments,’ said Vigil.

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’This is truly an enterprise-level capability, we have all the features you’d expect in terms of snapshot, in terms of replication, in terms of provisioning,’ Vigil said.

’We really think the addition of this product into the SC family really makes the entire SC family more enterprise-class.’ Vigil said.

With the SC4020 he promised ’better performance, less rack space, and overall less power consumption.’