OneCloud Introduces Cost-Efficient Turnkey Disaster Recovery Solution

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Boston-based software company OneCloud has developed a cost-efficient and simple disaster recovery solution: One Cloud Recovery. The solution is now available for the general marketplace.

OneCloud focuses on creating automated disaster recovery centers for VMware-based data centers, all for a low price tag.

’The type of disaster recovery that OneCloud is focused on is really having a secondary infrastructure, a secondary data center that has operational elements in it,’ said CEO Marc Crespi.

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OneCloud Recovery’s concept is that in the event that something goes wrong in the primary data center, one can rapidly switch to the secondary infrastructure. The service level goes far beyond classic backup services, which some customers mistake as full disaster recovery.

Up until now, Crespi said, disaster recovery technologies have been very complex and very expensive. The other differentiator of OneCloud is time: OneCloud Recovery is a turnkey solution. OneCloud Recovery installs in about 30 minutes, and uses Amazon Web Services as a replacement for the secondary data center, but that doesn’t mean service providers need to be experts in AWS.

’We are, in many cases, the first time a customer or partner is exploring disaster recovery because previously it was always out of their reach, either due to complexity or cost,’ Crespi said.

OneCloud also offers a free disaster recovery assessment through its OneCloud Insight offering.

’One of the mysteries of disaster recovery is you often don’t know what you’re dealing with before you start the journey, and this is especially true now when we’re bringing cloud into the equation,’ said Crespi.

OneCloud Insight allows the company to assess a customer’s environment with a quick-installing tool before moving forward with any disaster recovery service installation or management.

OneCloud operates 100 percent through the channel, through a partner program launched just this summer. The company works with resellers and managed service providers, and is currently recruiting new partners.