Zerto Partners Share Success Stories At First-Ever ZertoCon

Zerto partners took the stage at the first ZertoCon in Boston to discuss the success they have found through relationships with the vendor, all in service to the customer.

The Boston-based company provides backup and recovery products and services through a 100 percent channel strategy.

Nate Reynolds, co-founder of D.C.-area technology integrator Clearpath, said he initially was drawn to company because of its simplicity.

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’The reason that we initially started working with Zerto is that you made disaster recovery easy,’ he said to the audience.

Reynolds said Zerto allowed his company to break away from complex systems and move to projects that had fast completion.

’Nobody likes an implementation that runs a year and a half. And with you guys, it was two to three months at most,’ he said. ’In a complex enterprise design.’

’It was faster time to market for us, and faster revenue.’

Dante Orsini is a senior vice president at Dallas-based iLand, a cloud services provider.

He called his company’s relationship with Zerto ’a huge ride,’ and praised the vendor’s commitment to customers as well as the overall partner ecosystem.

’The biggest thing for us is that we decided about four years ago that we were going to have to build a platform that catered to exactly what customers kept asking for,’ Orsini said. ’And we wanted to make life simpler for them. So we started to integrate a lot of technologies, and Zerto really collaborated heavily with us, gracefully exposing APIs and allowing us to actually integrate Zerto directly into what we call our enterprise cloud services platform. And this changed the way we provided recovery.’

’We just continue to see other use cases because Zerto is so rock-solid,’ he added.