Two Challenges Facing Data Backup/Disaster Recovery Market

Backup and disaster recovery services have grown into a lucrative business space over the past 15 years, but the combination of increased access to data as well as a 24/7 interconnected work world have complicated the mission goals of solution providers.

’We want to build a world without technology interruptions for your businesses, for your IT, and for customers,’ said Boston-based Zerto founder and CEO Ziv Kedem.

Kedem said that mission statement sounds simple, but ’this is a difficult problem, and it actually is becoming more difficult as IT is changing.’

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One factor challenging these services is the sheer increase in the volume of data.

’Every business understands the value of data, the value of applications,’ Kedem said.

However, those data and applications highly increase and complicate the workload for even simple backup and recovery plans.

Secondly, Kedem said, ’You expect more from your applications.’

’Customers expect that [applications] need to be always available, always responsive, always on, always updated,’ he said.

That leaves little room for error or downtime, especially when a company is responding to a major disaster.