Here's What Top Storage Vendors Have To Offer Solution Providers

Opportunities around the booming flash storage space and managed services continue to entice solution providers to invest in storage, and they have a plethora of vendor partners with which they can partner. At a recent CRN roundtable, channel chiefs answered the age-old question: What have you done for me lately?

Jeremiah Jenson, vice president at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said the company has maintained a focused effort for partners.

’We’ve been on a consistent strategy for five years, offering best-in-class flash storage built around our three-part portfolio,’ Jenson said.

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’You’ve got to look for a vendor that’s going to offer a repeatable, profitable, scalable partnership that goes the distance,’ he added.

Michael Sotnick, vice president at Pure Storage, said his company has helped partners survive the evolving storage market.

’What we’re working on with our partners is, how do they move out of the data center? How do they move to the line-of-business? How do they move to the application owner?’ he said.

Pure Storage also has vertical-specific success to offer its partners.

’We’re the fastest-growing storage platform in the Epic health-care environment,’ Sotnick said.

Gregg Ambulos, senior vice president at EMC, highlighted the company’s catalog of storage services and reiterated EMC’s commitment to its partners.

’We can make sure they can get a return on their investment. They’re going to want to know that [their vendor partner is] somebody who’s going to continue to invest, continue to innovate, continue to partner,’ he said.