Zerto Unveils Virtual Replication 5.0 Solution With Microsoft Azure Integration

Disaster recovery innovator Zerto introduced its Virtual Replication 5.0 solution at VMworld in Las Vegas, which will provide disaster recovery capabilities for Microsoft Azure starting in Q4 of Zerto’s fiscal 2016.

Zerto’s Cloud Continuity Platform, which supports workload migration for private, pubic, and hybrid clouds, can be deployed with pre-installed Microsoft Azure drivers.

’Our customers and partners have been asking for this for a while, because we’ve had Amazon support for over a year,’ said Jennifer Gill, Director of Product Marketing at Zerto.

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Version 5.0 will also feature one-to-many replication, which promises to improve migration protection, offer longer cloud-based retention, and individual virtual machine recovery.

The new feature, combined with Zerto’s extended journal capabilities, allows for user information recovery following ransomware attacks, which Gill said have become increasingly common.

’It’s becoming more and more of a hot topic, and you see that it’s really ramping up, the ransomware attacks,’ Gill said.

’If they do get in, you need a plan B, and that’s where recovery comes in,’ she added.