Modern Edge Minute: 3 Ways to Expand Your Modern Edge Solution

The amount of connected devices flooding the market today is making edge computing more valuable than ever before. In fact, partners can create additional margins around these solutions by offering services and warranties and security enhancements.

Katie Boeh, director of channel marketing & communications at APC, believes solution providers can make some of the best margins with APC’s Edge IT Program. ’We have something called a local edge configurator which is a great sales tool in and of itself,’ said Boeh.

local edge configurator

On top of the traditional deal registration, APC awards discounts to solution providers that use the local edge configurator. ’They can get some of the most attractive discounts in our program by deploying those solutions,’ said Boeh.

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There are also a lot of services that partners can deploy around this technology, including offering customers a warranty. ’You can always sell an extended warranty. You can always sell even a startup type solution where somebody can help come out on site and install it, if that’s necessary,’ said Boeh.

And if you’re already monitoring your customers’ IT gear, why not offer to also monitor their power, physical infrastructure and offer an additional security package?

’Your critical compute storage and networking outside of the data center still needs to have a battery backup to protect it. It still potentially needs a rack, one that locks, to keep unauthorized personnel out," said Boeh. "Maybe you need physical security measures like Netbotz Cameras to ensure that unauthorized personnel aren’t disrupting your it that is still remaining on premise.’

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