Backup And Disaster Recovery Minute: Reduce Downtime, Protect Data With StorageCraft


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Partnering with the right technology vendor who aligns with your business is essential. Not only for solution providers, but for their customers as well.

“The customer places a great deal of trust in me as their MSP. If I don’t have the confidence to bring their data back in case of some sort of a disaster, they’re not going to have much value for me,” says Dr. Greg Baker, president of CMA Technology.

The Augusta, Ga.-based managed service provider helps its customers reduce downtime and protect data through its partnership with StorageCraft.

Baker says, “StorageCraft gives me the peace of mind that my customer’s data is safe. We’ve had a few customers that have clicked on things and brought ransomware into their network. In all of these cases, ShadowProtect was there, and we were able to do a full recovery of all the data.”

CMA Technology installs ShadowProtect to ensure their customers’ products are easy to use and work across multiple environments – from on premise to the cloud.

Baker says, “we never had to worry about it not working. They have great management tools to help manage the backups and if there are problems we can easily trace them down and resolve them.”

Partners who buy virtual licenses for ShadowProtect can bundle them with their own data protection into a single fixed price for customers. They will also be in control with StorageCraft’s disaster recovery support, which includes after-hours emergency service.

Baker says he, “cannot think of a time when the StorageCraft team has not been able to help us and get our problem resolved.”

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