Dell's David Singer On Digitally Transforming Your Business

Every IT environment has one objective: to enable and drive the user.

That was the message of Dell’s David Singer when he spoke at Winslow Technology Group’s customer event: WTG Transform 2018. Singer, senior vice-president and chief operating officer of Dell’s Storage Division, said businesses can drive more revenue and value if they digitally transform. He said workforce transformation, application transformation, IT transformation and security transformation are key in making that happen.

’Users are changing. They’re you. They’re me. They’re employees. But, users are also starting to become machines or devices or artificial intelligence and we need to figure out how to operate with them now,’ said Singer.

A cloud operating model plays an important role in making the transition, according to Singer. Applications are built on the cloud and it enables the transformation of data centers, organizations and businesses from history to the future.

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’We used to think about applications as helping us manage our business. Applications are becoming the business. Every business line is focused on digitizing, becoming digital and we need think about transforming how we use applications and how we build them,’ he added.

Winslow Technology President and Founder Scott Winslow said Dell’s portfolio makes it easy for his customers to digitally transform their business.

’Five years ago, if we were sitting here, every disk out there would be spinning disk or at least a hybrid solution, where you have some spinning disk and some flash. Now in today’s world, customers are putting in All-Flash Arrays where you get sub-millisecond response times and that’s letting them put more applications on those systems,’ he said.

WTG Transform 2018 also highlighted the benefit to a hybrid cloud approach with a keynote by WTG’s CTO Rick Gouin. For a full recap from the event, watch CRNtv’s video.