HPE Discover Day Three: CEO Antonio Neri's Dell Throwdown, HPE's Edgeline Converged Edge Systems Debut

Wednesday was the final day of HPE Discover and it was anything but boring.

’I’m going to give you a week and then see how much of the same words we used this week will be used by our competitors,’ said HPE CEO Antonio Neri during a Q&A with press and analysts. He also said he doesn’t believe Dell has an edge strategy.

This is the first HPE Discover conference Neri is leading as CEO and many partners we spoke to say he’s brought an energy unmatched from previous years.

’He’s been bouncing around. He’s kind of full of energy and mojo,’ Graeme Watt, CEO of Softcat, an IT infrastructure provider based in the U.K.

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’We’ve seen this shift of an understanding and where to focus and where to have that level of effort and development,’ said Clayton Weise, director of cloud services at Key Information Systems, a regional systems integrator based in California.

Innovation was a constant theme this week. On Wednesday, HPE announced another way for organizations to simplify their hybrid IT environment through the HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems. The development lets companies run the same software in data center, clouds and in the edge.

For a full recap from the final day of the conference, watch CRNtv’s video.