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WATCH: Dell’s Chief Commercial Officer On Why 98% Of The Fortune 500 Is Partnering With Dell Technologies

Diana Blass

Dell CCO Marius Haas explains how companies like the McLaren Group are using Dell’s technology and how partners stand to benefit.

Dell Technologies has won the business of 98 percent of the Fortune 500 and Chief Commercial Officer Marius Haas says the reason is simple: Dell’s portfolio addresses a customer’s needs in a way its competitors can’t. Hass discussed how partners stand to benefit from Dell’s commercial successes at the annual customer and partner conference in Las Vegas: Dell Technologies World 2019. 

Dell Technologies is having huge impacts on industries that might not immediately come to mind for our viewers. Tell us about your work with McLaren Group, the company behind Formula 1 Racing.

“A lot of people don’t know that McLaren has multiple different groups. There’s obviously the Formula 1 Racing Group. There’s the automotive group that builds the McLaren Cars, which are one of the most expensive cars on the market. And, there’s the McLaren Automation Group, in which they’re taking all of the knowledge they’re finding in what they are doing with racing and development with automotive and then translating that data and innovation into other segments in the market, like healthcare.”

“So, we have been partnering with them for a long time, ensuring all the technologies needs they have enables them to be successful in all the lines of business they have. It’s truly across the board engagement in all aspects from how the car performs to how it gets analyzed in the data center…to everything in the back office that they need to do the business practices. It’s just one example of how broad our capabilities are and how so well it’s aligned to the objectives of our customers.”

 What can partners learn from your relationships in the commercial space?

“Partners realize the way they can differentiate themselves is by building solutions that are well tied to the business challenges that our customers have. The more they are able to stick together those solutions and solve those business challenges, the more integrated and the more they can become more value-add towards those customers.”

“And, truly, coming at it from a total architect perspective and a profitability perspective, our partners make 29 times more money if they sell more than three lines of business than one. So, sell the solution, understand how it fits with the ultimate customer needs they have, partner with us, we’ll enable you and the rest just happens.”

For more of Haas’ interview, watch CRNtv’s video.

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