Cloud Migration Offers Big Data Promise

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Talend CEO Michael Tuchen continues to ride the big data wave, but he is keeping an eye on the future. Tuchen told CRN he sees a major opportunity in increased migrations from on-premise to cloud.

“The other big wave we’re seeing get a lot of interest right now is master data management,” Tuchen said.

Tuchen called cloud migration a “big opportunity” for partners, and said the potential for cloud is still only in early stages. When companies move large amounts of data, they want things to feel the same for employees and customers, rather than feeling like a total upheaval.

“In that scenario you have to keep consistency from what you had to where you’re going,” Tuchen said.

Tuchen said he’s also shifting focus to big data distributors and ETL transformations. Tuchen said 30 percent of data warehouse processing is ETL transformations.

“A lot of companies are realizing that they’re spending a lot of money on ETL as a separate set of proprietary processing pipeline sitting in front of your data warehouse, and a lot of times they do the transformations in the data warehouse itself,” said Tuchen.

When companies move out of expensive proprietary data warehouses and into Hadoop, they can concentrate on data analytical processing.


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