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Dell Technologies Channel Chief Joyce Mullen says partners are driving huge growth for the company. In an interview with CRNtv at Dell Technologies World, she shares how she plans to continue that momentum.

Dell Channel Chief Joyce Mullen had a lot to smile about at this year’s Global Partner Summit, held at Dell Technologies World. Dell’s partners drove 63,000 new partners for the Round Rock, Tex.-based company, while helping Dell to become a leader in just about every area of its business. Mullen discussed how she plans to continue that growth in an interview with CRNtv at the conference.

What was behind the decision of rebranding your partner program? What should partners take away from that?

“Really, we’re following what we are doing as a company. Basically, we said, ‘Hey our customers need to understand when they are speaking to our sellers, they are representing the full portfolio of brands.’ And so, it was really natural and really exciting to partners that we followed suit and called the partner program also a Dell Technologies Program.”

A Dell study finds that OEM Partnerships are driving huge value in the digital economy. What kind of successes are you seeing in your OEM business and how does that translate to success for your partner community?

“I love the OEM business, I’m very partial to it. That’s a hundred billion [dollar] market, likely much bigger because we did a study on that maybe three or four years ago. It was a hundred billion then and growing like crazy. Our OEM business grew 34 percent last year, really remarkable. And, what’s really cool, if you think about new use cases for IT, so many of them are around vertical solutions. Our OEM customers actually build those solutions. So, they build industrial automation equipment, they build healthcare MRI machines, they build retail kiosks. They are at the heart of this vertical transformation. If we can figure out a way to partner up our OEM customers with our channel, we’ve got a lot to be proud of and a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of us.”

What are your most successful partners doing that others can learn from?

“Our most successful partners are really thinking about the broad technology portfolio. A partner who sells three lines of business earns 29 times the revenue than a partner who sells one. A partner who sells two lines of business earns 11 times more revenue than a partner who sells less. A partner who uses Dell Financial Services grows twice as fast as partners who don’t. If you think about all of these things basically stacking up on top of one another. Partners who embrace opportunity across Dell Technologies are doing really well.”

For more coverage, watch CRNtv’s video.

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