What VMware Partners Want From VMware Partner Exchange

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That lack of continuity has lead to a number of issues for Valley Network Solutions, including getting the kind of market development fund support it needs, Valley Network Solutions' Duffy said.

"They want to give us funds for campaigns that have been proven to not work -- we know because we did try it their way -- while they claim that they cannot fund a proven campaign that we have used for over eight years, successfully, with proven, factual ROI of 50:1 results," he said. "They waste funds on useless fluff and make excuses why they can't do something that works."

Duffy said he would like VMware to make it possible to use market development funds to pay for certification, and he would also like to see a VMware sales rep visit his office at least once a year.

"We grew our VMware sales by 5,094 percent last year -- yes, 5,000 -- and they treat us like a doormat in my opinion," he said. "How VMW expects partners to grow with these kinds of constraints demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of the reality their partners exist in. I believe that they've taken their success, and many of their partners, for granted. If they had to work as hard as we do for business, I know things would be different."

Another partner, Bert Shure, an account executive at Advanced Systems Group, said his local VMware rep treats him the exact opposite of what Duffy at Valley Network Solutions is facing.

"I have to say that my VMware business is ramping up, mostly because the SMB telesales rep assigned to San Diego is a rock star," Shure said. "I bring deals to him, and he brings them to me. He is smart, professional and understands the channel."


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