Oracle Spices Up Database Appliance With Virtualization, Beefier Hardware

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As for the hardware, Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 comes with 512 GB of memory, 18 TB of SAS disk storage and 800 GB of flash storage. Oracle said the X3-2 offers twice the performance speed of the previous model and more than four times the storage capacity, along with nearly three times the flash and memory.

Oracle isn't targeting the Web server or application server business with its updated X3-2. Rather, DeMel said the plan is to give ISVs a standard appliance that they can customize and ship to customers.

"ISVs can prepackage the X3-2 and drop the system into customer locations," DeMel said. "Web server, app server and database are running in a very compact form factor. You don’t need separate storage arrays, or networking."

The Oracle Database Appliance was touted at its debut as a combination of powerful, Linux-based, Intel Xeon-based Sun server and Oracle database software.

It's not cheap, however: Hardware starts at $50,000 and Oracle database software costs $47,000, bringing the total cost in the neighborhood of $100,000.

In a report last March, Jefferies & Co. said Oracle's engineered systems strategy was losing momentum, and that sales of the Oracle Database Appliance had not met expectations.

DeMel declined to comment on how sales of the Oracle Database Appliance have been faring since then, citing the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company's quiet period in advance of its third-quarter earnings report, slated for an as-yet unspecified date this month.


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