HP Creates A Haven For Big Data

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A joint effort of HP's software and enterprise organization, HAVEn is a "best of breed" platform that partners can leverage to start quickly building and selling big data solutions, said HP Director of Big Data Solutions June Manley. "This gives the channel an analytics platform with the hardware and the software they need to be successful [in the Big Data market]," she said.

HAVEn stands for Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security with the lone "n" standing for the large number of hardware/software offerings that can connect into the HP Big Data analytics platform. HP said it already has a portfolio of more than "700 connectors" into the HAVEn platform, which includes HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, HP ArcSight and HP Operations Management.

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HP also is introducing highly optimized big data hardware solutions, including HP AppSystem For Apache Hadoop and HP AppSystem for Vertica, in order to speed time to market for partners. The hardware solutions will give partners the flexibility to build out entry-level, midmarket and enterprise price points with various big data software offerings. "We are making it flexible for all our partners based on their expertise to have the right price point for the right market," said Manley.

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HP's aim is to get channel partners to pull together prepackaged, core technologies into specific big data analytics solutions, said Manley. "We really want to accelerate the adoption of the core technologies within an appliance or converged application solution," she said.

HP's top systems integrators and key distributors, including $25.7 billion technology distributor Avnet, are already building practices around HAVEn.

Pat Stewart, vice president and general manager of the HP Services Practice for Avnet's Americas Services business, said he sees HAVEn as an industry game-changer. "This is a platform that is going to hit the market running," said Stewart. "I think the adoption rate is going to be faster because it is an open architecture utilizing best-of-breed tools."

One sign of HP's drive to empower partners to start to quickly monetize big data is the embrace of Hadoop, which has been widely adopted for big data solutions. "Everyone is going to Hadoop as the first step in managing all this big data," exclaimed Stewart. "And HAVEn takes Hadoop as a core component."

Avnet, for its part, sees a huge opportunity to drive big data sales growth with HP, said Stewart. "The big data opportunity is one of the largest IT solution opportunities," he said. "In many ways I believe it is bigger than cloud, which is just an evolution of the consumption model for IT. Think about big data and the amount of information we are capturing now. The statistics are just staggering. Big data today is the top impediment that IT is facing."

Kelly Ireland, founder and CEO of CB Technologies, a Westminster, Calif., HP enterprise partner that has already invested heavily in Hadoop and big data, said she sees HAVEn providing a big data sales kick to HP and its partners. "We saw the Hadoop trend and started putting engineers on it nine months ago," she said. "Now it is a giant wave. We are already working on big data opportunities with Hadoop, ArcSight, Fortify and Operations Manager."

Ireland said literally every enterprise customer is mapping out big data strategies right now. She anticipates that HP's big data solutions could end up being as much as 20 percent of her business in the next several years. "We are certainly planning on it being a big part of our business," she said.

HP is making HAVEn broadly available to the full HP partner community. "All our partners have the ability to sell HAVEn with its individual components," said Manley.

HP also is expanding its big data consulting practice, offering a slew of new Hadoop designs and implementations, including HP Enterprise Design Service For Hadoop, HP Implementation Service For Hadoop and HP Reference Architecture Implementation Service For Hadoop.