Citrix Brings XenServer Back To Open-Source Community

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"However, Citrix, like other vendors, has realized the value of the open community," CloudOps' Rae said. "This is a bold move for Citrix. They're now open-sourcing a number of their proprietary components. But they realize customers will get those features from the open-source community anyway."

Moving XenServer, which is available as a free download, to the open-source community enables Citrix to focus on support and services, according to Lindars.

It is a model similar to that of Red Hat, which offers paid-for support and services for Linux while leaving development of Linux to the open-source community, he said.

This also follows a similar model Citrix uses with its CloudStack model. Citrix acquired, a developer of the open-source CloudStack technology in 2011. Citrix last year moved CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation, which was an open break from the OpenStack cloud platform it previously supported.

"Open source is part of the DNA of Xen," Lindars said. "So we feel this is a natural move. It makes it easier for third parties to add value and to help make this the best platform for virtualization."

Citrix also unveiled a new pricing scheme for its service and support offerings. Going forward, Citrix will charge for its services on a per-socket basis instead of a per-server basis. "This matches how our cloud platform is offered, as well as what others like VMware are doing," Lindars said.

Companies looking for commercial support will pay $500 per socket for an annual license or $1,250 per socket for a perpetual license.

The simplified single-version XenServer offering along with the new pricing model answer a number of customer concerns, Rae said.

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