VMware Limits Some Storage Vendors' Presence At VMware PEX

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Howard Ting, vice president of marketing and product management at Nutanix, declined to say exactly why Nutanix is not going to VMware PEX.

"It's probably a little strong to say they kicked us out," Ting said. "VMware is certainly exercising its right to decide who it wants to be close with, who it wants to be at its event. VMware asked us to have a smaller presence."

At the end of the day, Nutanix will not lose out on much by not having a presence at VMware PEX, Ting said.
"We'll have a cocktail party in San Francisco, and we'll meet with partners," he said.

Ting said VMware PEX just was not a good alignment with what Nutanix and VMware wanted. Nutanix exhibited at VMware PEX for the first time last year, but found it to not have the highest return on investment Nutanix has experienced, he said.

While Nutanix during its first year of operation focused exclusively on VMware environments, the company last year started supporting KVM environments, and this month went into general availability with technology for Microsoft Hyper-V, Ting said.

"We will work as much as we can together with VMware," he said. "But you can contemplate that VMware will make a big storage announcement at VMware PEX over VSAN."

Nutanix plans to make a big investment in this year's VMworld conference, Ting said. The company also plans to be at Microsoft's TechEd conference this May in Houston.

Ting said that, to VMware's credit, the company has made it clear it supports customer choice and working with companies like Nutanix.

"So I see this as maybe a temporary thing, an opportunity to get their new products off to a fast start," he said. "I hope so. Not being at this event probably won't hurt us much. But if this is the beginning of a long-term trend, it's not good for the customers or the channel partners we mutually work with."

Pure Storage, on the other hand, will be at VMware PEX. A source close to the company said it originally had not planned to go to the event, but was recently asked to go, which may have been the source of reports that it had been asked to not attend.

The source noted that, while companies like Pure Storage may compete with VMware's VSAN, they also partner with VMware's Virtual Volumes (VVOL) technology.

Nimble this year will not have its own booth at VMware PEX, but is sharing booth space with distributor Avnet, with whom Nimble will announce some news at the conference, a source closed to Nimble said.


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