VMware's New End-User Computing Guru Brian Madden On Reaching 'Nirvana'

After an 18-month break from the IT world, distinguished virtualization technologist Brian Madden is bringing his more than 20 years of end-user computing talents to VMware.

Madden, a renowned author, speaker, founder of BrianMadden.com and creator of the BriForum conference series, said VMware's holistic approach to computing drew him to accepting the position of lead field technologist for VMware's end-user computing business.

"VMware's broad approach gives customers the flexibility to deliver each application the way they need for each user in every scenario -- regardless of the app's type or technology -- without being forced down a certain path by their vendor," said Madden in an interview with CRN. "They're not just limited to Windows laptops and mobile devices -- rather it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome. Then within the Windows category, they can manage both domain-joined and nonjoined laptops, with Windows running locally, remotely on premises in customer data centers, or remotely in the public cloud."

Madden said VMware has essentially reached the "nirvana" of end-user computing he's written about in books and on his popular BrianMadden.com website for years. "But looking at VMware now, not only have they achieved this -- they’re blowing right past it," he said.

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For example, Madden said VMware's Workspace One offers security analytics that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, with the ability to do identity management. Workspace also adds intelligence that collects, analyzes and correlates device, app and user data to automate common tasks. "It’s extremely exciting and really starting to get interesting," he said.

Madden also pointed out that VMware allows end-user computing customers to run, manage, connect and secure their entire application portfolio on any cloud to any device.

Shawn Bass, vice president and chief technology officer of VMware's end-user computing business, said Madden will be a valuable asset for the company through engaging with customers, partners and employees around the world.

"One of Brian's greatest strengths is his ability to take complex technical concepts, couple them with industry thought leadership and vision, and weave them into a story that’s entertaining and effective -- whether he's speaking on stage, writing a blog post, or recording a podcast," said Bass in a blog post this week. "All of this will continue in his new role at VMware."

Madden has been in the end-user computing industry for more than two decades and has written six books about desktop virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure and Desktop-as-a-Service, while also giving hundreds of speeches across the globe including many at VMware conferences.

"I started my career in [end-user computing] 23 years ago, and for the past 10 years we've been talking about unifying applications across computer, web, mobile, etc.," said Madden. "It's so cool to see it actually happening."