Video: VMware Looks To Virtualize 'Entire Data Center' With vCloud

While much of the buzz at VMworld last month centered on the death of vRAM licensing and new CEO Pat Gelsinger,the software company's vCloud suite, which bundles vSphere with several of VMware's management, networking, security and storage products, is getting some buzz of its own.

VMware's vCloud 5.1 suite officially launched this week, and Raghu Raghuram, executive vice president of cloud infrastructure and management at VMware, sat down with CRN TV and explained the idea behind the vCloud bundle.

"What we hear from customers is that the operational model that they see with the server virtualization and the VM, they need to see it extended to the entire data center in order to be able to build and deliver a cloud," Raghuram said. "VCloud suite is the full set of product components that are necessary to virtualize a full data center and build a cloud."

Raghuram also discussed VMware's Cloud Ops and the concept of software-defined data centers. For the full interview with Raghuram, check out the video below.

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