Product Look: HP Thin Clients

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Hewlett-Packard showed off its line of thin client solutions at the Boston-area D&H show this week, boasting HP as the largest thin client manufacturer in the world.

"In the world of virtualization, thin clients are the end points," said thin client specialist Mike Conn. HP's thin clients receive data from the data center, translate it and deliver that data to end users. HP's large-scale thin client production also means variability in hardware and software.

"We have a varied amount of requirements by our customers. Some of them like multiple monitors, some of them use different operating systems, others require portability. So all of those requirements go into our bucket of products that we offer," Conn said.

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HP will release its latest thin client technology with the t520 Flexible Thin Client this month, which will be powered by an AMD G-Series SOC processor.

HP currently partners with a number of ISVs, including Citrix and VMware.